>Titans 30, Jag 13

>The Tennessee Titans and Vince Young may not have another game quite like this one for the rest of the season, but for a few hours yesterday afternoon they made us all forget the struggles and woes the team and VY have been through the past couple of years.

Vince Young started over Kerry Collins and while he wasn’t brilliant, he did a solid job with the offense. He ran for a couple of first downs, scrambled under the Jacksonville rush and completed a couple of nice throws including a beauty of a touch pass to Nate Washington for the Titans’ first touchdown in a long, long time. The rest of the team looked solid around him, especially Chris Johnson who had another record-setting day which, thankfully, wasn’t wasted this time around.

For a few hours yesterday as I sat up high at LP Field, it was easy to forget the frustrations we’ve had all year and just celebrate the team that had some huge expectations heading into the season.

OK, so there were some blips on the radar in the game yesterday when the Titans defense couldn’t tackle Maurice Jones-Drew on two long runs, but other than that, it was a solid game for the team.

I still think part of it was Jacksonville’s intimidation at playing a team that could actually sell out a game or at least have more filled seats in the stadium than empty one. And part of it could be a spark brought to the team by having a change at QB. How long that will last is anyone’s guess and it could only be a matter of time until defense coordinators around the league solve the Vince Young puzzle again.

But for now, I’m savoring the win and enjoying the fact that Titans and Vols could both pull off solid wins in the weekend by almost identical scores.

I did find myself wishing we could run up another touchdown or a few more points so it’d be our highest point total of the year…and we could shake off the memories of that loss to the Texans.

But we won…and that’s all that matters.

For now…


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