>Vols 30, Wildcats 24 (OT) Haiku

>Win streak continues
Hardesty in overtime
Twenty five straight!

As Crompton completed a long pass in overtime tonight, setting up a third and four, I said that it was time for Montario Hardesty to step up and provide the cap to the Vols’ game against Kentucky.

One play later, Hardesty tears up the middle, untouched for the winning touchdown and the streak is alive…25 years in a row over the Wildcats!

There were some ups, some downs (Stocker fumbling as he got the first down to potentially salt it away springs to mind) but thankfully the Vols kept the streak alive tonight. And secured a winning season for the Vols.

Overall, a solid season for the Vols with only one blowout loss and taking two top teams in the country down to the wire. We still should have beat Alabama, but in a few more weeks I should be able to let that go…maybe. OK, maybe not, but I’m trying.

My big complaint tonight was the third-tier team ESPN-U sent to call the game. I’m guessing the only fact they were given about this game was that Tennessee had won 24 straight times heading into the game. If you somehow had missed this, all you had to do was wait five seconds and they’d remind you. It got OLD, FAST! I don’t really see this crew of Brock “I’m a Ken Doll” Huard and the other guy going far on the family of networks…

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