>Looking back, looking forward

>It’s hard to believe the first decade of the new millennium is over.

Like everyone, the first decade of the 2000’s was full of ups, downs and lots of time in between.

Looking back on the year that was 2009, it’s interesting to see things coming off my bucket list that I never thought would go on there, much less get crossed off. At the start of the year, I could have told you that I’d read a lot of books (over 200 thanks to the brilliance that is audio books), swim a lot of laps and watch a lot of UT sports. But what I couldn’t have told you was that I’d enjoy “Star Trek” as much as I did, complete my first triathlon (indoor) and my first half-marathon and so many more things that my mind boggles when I think about them all.

All I know is that I’m very blessed in so many ways. And while I haven’t been as faithful or as loquacious on my blog this year as I have in years past, it isn’t because I don’t appreciate the community of family and friends who read here and where our lives intersect here on the wonder that is the world wide web. I’m hoping to make a resolution for 2010 to be a bit more faithful in the writing, a little less insane in the rantings against referees who all biased against UT (this should last until the Florida game next fall, if then…) and, of course, encouraging everyone to watch the new seasons of “Chuck” and “Doctor Who” when they come around.

It’s been a remarkable decade…and I’m looking forward to another remarkable one starting with 2010.

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