>20 Year of "The Simpsons"

I always feel a bit old when I hear people saying that they can’t ever recall a time when “The Simpsons” wasn’t on television. And we’re not just talking syndicated repeats here, folks. We’re talking new episodes on a regular basis!

See, I clearly recall when “The Simpsons” debuted. I recall the ads for the first Christmas special (I think Fox showed us most of it in those previews) and I recall that first season. I had a Bart Simpson T-shirt back in the day, but mine was made even cooler in that it had a University of Tennessee tie-in. Bart was proclaiming the greatness of UT…how could you wrong? I wore that t-shirt out, let me tell you.

I recall the second season premiere “Bart Gets an F” which is one of my favorites and I watched a bunch of times. I was there when the whole “Simpsons” mania thing started and I bought into it.

Who knew the show would still be going strong after 20 years and 450 episodes?!?

Tonight is the anniversary special and the 450th episode.

And it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. I know there are those who say it’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still really entertaining, amusing and fun to watch most weeks. And the DVD sets are the gold-standard for season releases of a television series, just packing on the extras. The commentaries alone are worth the price of admission.

So, here’s to many, many more great episodes. And to my feeling kind of old as I think about the fact that the show has been on so long…and I can recall where it all began.


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