>Maybe There’s Hope

>Two weeks ago when the news broke that four Tennessee basketball players had been arrested for a variety of charges, I pretty much chalked up men’s basketball season as a loss.

Friday with the dismissal of Tyler Smith from the team, I figured that the team might hang around at bit in this weekend’s big clash with Kansas, but I wasn’t sure if we’d have what it took to win.

Then, as game time rolled around, I tuned in, hoping for the best and that we’d at least keep it close.

And then, something happened…

I saw a team head out to the basketball court, facing huge odds and play with discipline and within themselves to topple the number one team in the nation. I saw a team grow up a bit this afternoon, seeing guys make plays and help each other out. I saw our two star players that we have left be limited due to foul trouble and other guys step in and show leadership. I saw the kind of team we had early on in Bruce Pearl’s tenure.

My only complaint was that we weren’t disciplined in making foul shouts–I’m looking at you J.P. Prince. At some point, if not corrected, that could come back to help us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

But for today, I’m pleased with what I saw and a bit more hopeful for the rest of the season. Maybe basketball season won’t be a complete loss after all….


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