>No, no, no…a thousand times no!

>Buried in last week’s rumor that Russell T. Davies was considering creating an American version of “Torchwood” was the nugget that also under consideration was an American version of “Doctor Who.”

Not much is out there on details about this proposed American version of the greatest television show of all time, but I have to tell you that I’m dead set against it. Especially if (as I fear) Davies is in any way connected with it.

I’m glad Davies brought back my favorite show and that under his leadership, it’s become very popular. That said, I think the man has run out of ideas “Doctor Who” wise and that he’s far too convinced of his own genius for his own good. I was happy to see him go and I’m eager to see what an era led by Steven Moffatt will look like.

As for an American version of “Doctor Who,” I just don’t see it. We tried it in ’96 with the Fox movie and it was met with a resounding shrug of the shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong–I want more “Doctor Who.” I just want it produced by the BBC in Great Britain. Anything else is just a bad idea…


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