>TV Round-Up

>Chuck: Chuck vs the Mask
Given that “Chuck” had no idea that the season would be interrupted by the Winter Olympics, this episode still works as a bit of a cliffhanger to keep us hanging on for two weeks.

Unfortunately, from what I hear there’s a certain segment of the fandom not happy with the developments between Chuck and Hannah and Sarah and Shaw who think boycotting the show when it comes back is the best idea…

Honestly, I don’t see what they’re up in arms about. We all knew there had to be some obstacles to Chuck and Sarah getting together. And I’m perfectly willing to take the ride the producers have in mind for how the characters will develop this year. I guess what I’m saying is that, for me, the show is more than just Chuck and Sarah, though the two do have great chemistry.

What bugged me was the way that we didn’t get a lot to the development of Sarah and Morgan suspecting Chuck is up to something and pursuing that more. I’d love to have seen a few scenes of Jeff and Lester trying to follow Chuck or stalk him instead of just hearing about it. I understand that with the way the show was brought back that not all the cast members can be in each story…but I think they dropped the ball on this. Also, it seems like Sarah is a bit quick to buy that Chuck is acting weird over Hannah when his unexplained behavior dates back before she arrived on the scene. Plus it doesn’t add up to why Captain Awesome is acting so weird…

Hopefully that’s not the end of this plotline…

24: Day Eight, 10-11 p.m.
Another hour that does little or nothing to advance the plot and, if anything, feels like the inevitable we have to wrap up the first segment of our day and move on to the next one. If anyone wants to kill off Dana and Freddie Prinze, Jr.’s character, any time now would be good. I still can’t buy that Dana is pulling off this massively ill-conceived robbery plan with her ex-boyfriend and that somehow CTU isn’t catching on. Yes, other guy and Chloe have noticed but it’s not going anywhere. And we all knew that once ex and his buddy got inside the evidence lock-up that they’d somehow screw things up and make it worse.

The plotline that keeps me interested is one around Hassan, who seems to becoming more and more paranoid that everyone is out to get him. Interesting to see how he’s working so hard to hold on to power and how he trusts no one. I have a feeling this could get ugly very fast.

Lost: What Kate Does
It’s a Kate episode and I know that I’m one of the few who likes the character. I am fascinated by how fate seems to be bringing people together in both timelines. Seeing Kate and Claire come together in the new universe worked well, though I’m not quite sure how Kate eluded the authorities by staying in the same area like she did. It’s one of those TV show convenience things I guess.

As for Claire taking over for Rosseau, I saw that coming a mile away. Does the island need a crazy person to wander around like that? Or is it really Claire? Is Claire dead in the island timeline? So many questions….


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