>Last evening, I was browsing the DVDs at Barnes and Nobel when I noticed something odd.

Two guys were hovering near the “S” section of the TV shows on DVD area with a scientific calculator between them.

They were looking at the backs of boxes and running some figures through the calculator.

They apparently reached their conclusion and left with no boxes in their hands.

As they wandered back toward central area of the DVDs and music section, the attractive female clerk asked loudly, “So, what’s the conclusion?”

One of them spoke up, saying “Well, clearly ‘Stargate SG1’ is a good value because you’re paying less per minute of entertainment, though we’ve only see the movie and it wasn’t that great….”

The other spoke up saying, “Yes, everyone knows the best entertainment is ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ Nothing can top that.”

I have to admit I had to glance over at this point, to see what kind of reaction this was having from the attractive female sale’s clerk. It was about what you’d expect, the look of “What have I got myself into here?” (I’ve seen in many times from women, usually after I’ve launched into the discussion of the lost episodes of “Doctor Who” or started the twentieth minute of my lecture on the series when I should have just said, “It’s this British science-fiction series I enjoy”).

I will admit I smiled to myself and went back to browsing. Because we all know the real way to impress girls with our love of sci-fi television series is to pick up and look in the “Doctor Who” section…


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