>Trading Away the Future

>When I heard the news last night that my beloved Redskins were trading away draft picks in this year and next year’s draft to acquire Donovan McNabb, my first thought was–are you kidding me?!?

Once again, it appears that owner Daniel Snyder is mortgaging the future and the potential to build the team into a solid contender again for the sake of playing fantasy football. The only problem is that he keeps forgetting that the Redskins are actually a real world team.

I am left, once again, scratching my head. I know we’ve got some QB issues and maybe Jason Campbell isn’t the answer. But then again, the poor guy has had a new QB coach every year he’s been in the league. It’s no wonder the poor guy gets a bit confused.

Mayhaps bringing in McNabb could work as a mentoring type of thing for Campbell. Or whoever Snyder and company spend the fourth overall pick in the draft on next month. (Somehow I have a bad feeling that we’re going to have a lot of high draft picks for the next few years).

My other thought was a reminder of something a friend said to me on Facebook last year after the Vikings acquired Favre. He said that it was hard to suddenly embrace a guy that, as a fan of a certain team for so long, you’d naturally grown to dislike. I’m kind of feeling that same way about McNabb and his changing over to my team. I guess I will eventually get behind him because he’s our guy now. But I’m still not certain this was the right move.


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