>Football Thoughts


  • Like it or not, re-alignment in college sports is happening. As usual, the arrogance of Notre Dame is playing a part of it. Notre Dame has barely been part of the national title or the BCS conversation for twenty years and yet they act like we should all feel honored that they’d consider thinking about joining a conference when, quite frankly, they should have done it ten years ago. Or else be left out of the BCS. Yeah, you heard that right Notre Dame fans…your team has become irrelevant as an independent and if you don’t see that, you’re blind. I don’t care two cents for your pride, tradition, etc. We’ve got all that here in the SEC and we’ve got most of the BCS national titles as well. Get with the program!
  • I think the one big victim of the re-alignment could be the tradition that some teams have. If the PAC-10 expands to 16 teams, its will be so geographically huge that building up a healthy hatred for a team in Texas when you’re in Oregon and play once every four years isn’t going to happen. But then again, it’s all about a money-grab.
  • And the arrogance of the PAC 10 in claiming that should they go super conference means they get two BCS bids is absurd. If there’s a conference that should automatically get two BCS bids its the SEC since we’ve shown on the field the past decade or so who the real power conference is. And with USC going on probation (couldn’t happen to a better school), that conference will really be down for the next two to three years.
  • Speaking of USC, I feel somehow that karma is biting Lane Kiffin and company in the ass and I love it. LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see Kiffin fired from his dream job in two years. I’m also thankful he left Knoxville since some of these violations happened while he was there and given his track record, had he stayed, I’m betting Tennessee would have been under investigation and hit by sanctions. Karma is a bitch, huh, Lane! Sucks to be you! Of course, this does set up my dream scenario….two years from now, Vols play USC in a bowl game and Kiffin is on thin ice anyway. We whip USC up and down the field and Kiffin is fired the next day.

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