>Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman: Quebe Sisters Band and Daily & Vincent

>This year, my parents and I decided we’d take a year off from the Bluegrass summer series at the Ryman. We’ve attended together all six shows the past couple of years, only missing one last year due to a trip to the beach. It was one of my new favorites, Daily and Vincent.

Not getting season tickets meant I had a chance to get a birthday present for my parents they weren’t expecting–tickets to the show featuring Daily and Vincent. Again, a new favorite of mine and theirs. Since we first heard them together two years ago, I’ve become a huge fan, snapping up every new CD this duo puts out. Before last night, I would have said they were a close second to Cherryholmes as my favorite bluegrass group.

That was before last night.

Last night, Daily and Vincent were at the Ryman and they put on a showcase. For an hour and a half, they entertained the audience with a selection of songs from all their CDs, including a number from their Cracker Barrel release of Statler Brothers songs. They did four-part gospel acapella as well, some of the old favorites and many of their selections. I knew I was in for a treat when they started the show with a four-part, stirring rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” that gave me goosebumps.
Since I last saw them, the band has expanded and they’ve got some great new additions. The show was high energy, with the group having a great time and playing well off each other. (In many ways, it reminded me of Nothin’ Fancy a few years ago.) Their new bass singer is incredible and I hope he’s part of the group for years to come. (In a strange moment, his going low reminded me of the classic Ray Stevens song, “The Doright Family” (Go for another octive, Virgil!)) The group even came down off the stage and mingled with the audience. And they took requests. I could have sat and listened to them for another hour and a half. Easily.

Opening for the group was a band I’d never heard of–the Quebe Sisters band. It’s a group of three sisters who all play the fiddle and have incredible harmonies. Their show was also high energy as well and a great prelude to a great concert. I was impressed enough to buy a CD and to get it signed by the group. The good part is the CD didn’t include all their songs and I’m hopeful that means a new release is coming soon with some of the other selections. Like Daily and Vincent, you could tell they had a deep love for the traditions of the genre and that they were putting their own unique touch on some classic songs. A CD of covers of classic songs by this group would definitely be welcome by this new fan.

Both groups gave Cherryholmes a strong run for my money as some of the best bluegrass I’ve heard. The show was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I’m looking forward to hearing more from both groups in the future.


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