>The Dooley Era Kicks-Off

>This time last year, we were kicking off the jack-ass Kiffin era at Tennessee.

Who knew that a year later we’d be kicking off another new era, this time with Derek Dooley as the Vols’ head coach?

Short-term, I think we’ll struggle because of the shenanigans of the past couple of years. Long-term, I think that Dooley will be the right answer to the all the questions.

As I’ve said before, I think 6-6 is a good goal for the Vols this year, though I still think 7-5 is attainable and that we will sneak up and beat someone we shouldn’t.

As for today, what I’m looking for most is to see what the Dooley era will bring. I will especially be interested to see what happens late in the game, if we’re up by a good number. Will Dooley be like the jack-ass Kiffin and run up the score some more or will he be like Fulmer and show a bit of sportsmanship to the other team. I’d like to see it somewhere in the middle where a team is put away when we have the chance but the Vols don’t feel we have to run up the score on anyone (unless it’s Florida, Georgia, or Alabama….then it’s OK by me).

No matter what happens, it’s the beginning of a new era for the Vols and one I hope is the start of a great run for UT. This year and next couple be the growing pains for what could be a return to the greatness of the 90s and early half of the last decade.

My game prediction: UT 37, UT Martin 10

GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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