>Strange Dreams

>As an example of where the Vols have put my mental psyche this season, I relate to you a couple of dreams I had last night.

It started with my trying to obtain tickets to the game in question in which the Vols would go up against the top ranked team in the nation on their home turf. At first, I thought said tickets were going for face value or were free only to find that the price had tripled because I hadn’t returned the call fast enough.

I’m guessing that I didn’t buy said tickets (even in dreams I’m cheap….) and later am watching the game unfold at home on television. It’s the fourth quarter and the Vols are up by nine. It then drops to two late in the game when the other team scores. But time is on our side. If we can get the kick-off, we can run out the clock. Then, as I’m watching, they kick-off and the ball flies into the end zone where a huge number of guys in orange are seen around it and the guy calling for the fair catch bobbles it. I’m screaming to get on it, not knock it out of the end zone or let them recover it because we’re only up two and a safety means they get two points and possession. I am weeping, screaming, crying and cussing as the players scramble about and then……

….I wake up.

So, I guess I’ll never know how my subconscious thinks things should play out.

And as the dream continues to haunt me, I begin to wonder if this is how Cubs fans or Vandy fans dream. And I think that scares me even more….

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