>Frustration, Thy Name is the 2010 Season

>I realize that it’s a transition year and that the Vols have a lot of issues at depth. But watching them play a solid first half against Alabama last night only to be disappointed when Bama adjusted in the second half and we were left in the dust was frustrating.

Like Coach Dooley, I’m not sure there should be any more moral victories and that it’s time to turn a corner and win one of these things.

It could have been last night, but alas it wasn’t.

I will admit I was also frustrated with the ESPN broadcast crew of Brad Nessler and Todd Blacklidge. Long time readers will know I have no love for Blackledge, but usually can stomach Nessler. But last night as the game wore on, I got tired of the condescending talking down “Oh they’ll be better soon” discussion that the two kept engaging in. I’m not three and don’t need a pat on the head and to be told it will be OK. The way they acted, we should just be happy that Tennessee is on their great network and take what we can get.

No matter what else I can say about Verne “I called plays when Moses ran the spread” Lundquist, at least he doesn’t talk down to his audience.

Of course, if the Vols had been able to stay with it in the second half, maybe they wouldn’t have felt the need for such speeches.

I’m still behind the team and think that if South Carolina’s big running back is out that we stand a chance next week. I’d feel better about the odds if the game were in Knoxville, but hey, this is the time of the year that South Carolina starts finding ways to lose rather than win.


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