>Doctor Who Meme

>Articles of the Shadow Proclomation is running a meme based on my favorite TV show of all-time, Doctor Who.

Today’s question is what is your favorite story from the classic series? (You can’t really say episode since most Who is multi-part stories).

And my answer is the seventh Doctor classic “The Curse of Fenric.”

It’s been my favorite since I first saw it years ago on my local PBS station and it’s continued to top my list ever since. It’s among my top five of all shows ever.

I even love it in spite of all the various versions that are out there. We have the original TV edit, the VHS extended edition and then the special edition movie version on the second disc of the DVD release. I’ve got all three (the TV edit and the special edition movie are on the DVD release), though I will say that I prefer the episodic extended edition on VHS. It helps make a jumpy episode one flow a lot more smoothly. (I’d almost say a three-disc “definitive” edition with all the versions on it should be released since the BBC is now starting to double-dip on the range).

And that doesn’t even include the Target novel, which is among one of the best the range ever offered. (I’ve still got it along with my full run of all the seventh Doctor Target books since they were harder to find as the range ran its course). If there was a novel screaming for an audio release, it’s this one.

It’s not a great story to bring people into the Doctor Who fold, but it’s still my favorite.

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