>Random Football Thoughts

>It was a scary weekend to be one of the teams I pull for. All three of my teams lost, each in a different fashion.

The Vols went out and made far too many mistakes against South Carolina to win the game. I hate losing to Spurrier. I was encouraged by the way the Vols came back in the third quarter and actually put up some points in the second half. But unfortunately, we ran out of gas in the fourth quarter and it looks like we could have created some quarterback controversy. Yes, Matt Simms fumbled twice from hanging on to the ball too long and it cost us fourteen points. But as I heard pointed out, there were a couple of long completions in there because he held on to the ball longer and gave the receivers time to get open. My biggest fear is the coaching staff will lose the team because of this. Simms is being outspoken about his lack of love in being benched. And I’ve got to admit that the guy has done a lot of good things for the Vols this year.

Meanwhile, the Redskins figured out a way to lose to Detroit. Seriously?!? I only saw snippets of it on NFL Red Zone, but what I did see was totally disheartening. Speaking of QB controversies, there’s one in DC now. And does it seem like Mike Shanahan is also in danger of losing his team?

Then, there’s the Titans and the curse of San Diego. Dear heavens…what does it take to beat these guys? Watching the game yesterday, I figured out why I hate some teams and will tolerate others that aren’t my two favorites. I tend to hate teams that have guys who want to celebrate every play as if it were a Super Bowl winning play. And that’s exactly what San Diego does (so do the Cowboys). And for what? They’ve never won a Super Bowl and the last few years they’ve started off with terrible records. But yet, they celebrate every play like it’s the greatest thing ever. And that doesn’t even take into consideration Phillip Rivers, who just seems like a jerk to me. Anyway…..the Titans once again found ways to lose by not stopping them on third and a mile at least a zillion times. It was truly horrifying.

The best news was that with their loss to Jacksonville, the Cowboys are pretty much done this year. Here’s a thought–who’d’ve figured that by the time we roll around to the traditional Thanksgiving games that the Lions would potentially have a better winning percentage than the Cowboys? That does give rise to one big fear–now they’re playing the spoiler role and that could make them dangerous down the stretch.

So it’s November now and I can guarantee at least one of my three teams will have a win this month…but that’s only because the Titans play the Redskins here in Nashville.

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