>Vols 52, Ole Miss 14

>Visiting Neyland Stadium earlier this year, I discovered that the Vol Network was selling a DVD set of every game played this year. Until the past two Saturdays, there weren’t a lot of this year’s games I necessarily wanted to have preserved on DVD, unless there’s a bonus feature on the LSU DVD where they digitally edit out the two extra players and allow me to believe we really won that game. (No, I’m not still bitter…why do you ask?)

And while the last two games haven’t been against the stiffest competition in the world, it’s still been nice to see the Vols go out and just dominate a couple of teams–one they should have dominated and one that has checked out on the season. Watching Saturday’s contest as we just took it to Ole Miss was a nice change of pace and a lot of fun. The only problem was that the CBS broadcast was terrible. (OK, not quite as bad as the CBS College Sports cable station where they pulled out the announcer’s three favorite Elvis songs in the third quarter…complete with a graphic! Seriously, they took time to make a graphic of this! Come on!)

I know, I know, I complain about announcers a lot, but these two guys really took the cake. For one thing, they were very pro-Ole Miss, for some odd reason. I understand that part of your job is to make the game interesting to the national audience tuning in…and if you tuned in late, it was pretty much over. But could you at least pretend to not be biased or upset that you’re on this job?!? And if you’re going to be one of the national outlets for the SEC, shouldn’t you at least get the name of the coaches right? I’m not talking Tennessee or Ole Miss…at one point, the color guy on the CBS broadcast talked about Georgia coach MIKE Richt. It’s at that point, I found myself wishing for Gus Johnson to roll in, because even though he yells as if every play was the Immaculate Reception, at least he gets the names right.

OK, so enough griping about the announcers (I could go on all day). The game itself was a nice one for the Vols. Loved the energy, loved the enthusiasm. Loved that we put the hammer down early and never let up. Loved that the defense shut out Ole Miss in the second half. Loved that our passing game has made some strides.

Didn’t love the inconsistency in the run game (take out a couple of long runs late and the numbers ain’t so good). Didn’t love how Ole Miss left in their starters on defense late in the game when it was clear there was no chance they could win and they started going after our guys. Seriously guys, show some class. I’m guessing Houston Nutt is fighting for his job, so maybe by having his guys injure other teams by going for the knees will somehow impress boosters and the AD at Ole Miss. Try not losing to Vandy and Jacksonville State and becoming bowl eligible instead.

Anyway, it was a great game and a great win. That’s two week in a row. Let’s make it three this week as we travel to Neyland Stadium West.

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