>Double Standard Much?

>Just heard the news that the SEC has suspended Bruce Pearl from coaching the first eight games of the SEC season.

While I don’t condone what Pearl did and what has led the NCAA to investigate the Vols’ basketball program, I can’t help but feel a bit of a double standard here.

I find myself wishing that the allegations against Pearl hadn’t come to light until, let’s say, later in the conference season. Why? Well, because if the Vols were highly ranked and in the running for a high seed in the NCAA tournament and eligible for that additional revenue stream, maybe the SEC would have given Pearl the same benefit of the doubt, wait until the NCAA findings come out stance they’re showing to Auburn and Cam Newton.

Cam gets to keep playing because Auburn is undefeated and in contention to go to the BCS Title game which includes a huge payout. If he sat and Auburn lost, the SEC would most likely not have a team in the big game. (Which is wrong on so many levels….Boise State and TSU are being shoved down our throats by ESPN. Let either play in a real conference and they’d both have at least two losses). So, the SEC would lose about $13 million.

So, Cam can still play and we wait to see what’s going on.

Bruce, on the other hand, gets to sit out those first eight games.

Double standard….big time.


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