>Redskins 19, Titans 16

>As a fan of both teams, you’d think I’d be happy no matter what the outcome. After all, one of my teams won this afternoon. And I got to be there to watch them play.

Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case.

I think a lot of Titans fans figured the Redskins would be an easy win after the way they were pushed around on Monday night by the Eagles. You let a team run up 28 points in the first quarter on the way to a 59 point win and it seems like they’d be easy pickings for the Titans.

Not so much this afternoon.

The complete lack of ability to adjust or cover on third down was terrible and terribly evident all this afternoon. The past three games, the Titans have been gashed over the middle with receivers or backs for the other team wide open. And when you get little or no pressure on the QB and allow them time to pick apart the defense and find these openings, it adds up to a long afternoon for your defense.

Not helped by the offense. This high-powered offense (we were first in the league in scoring a few weeks ago) has hit some big speed-bumps the past three games. We scored nine points in four and a half quarters today. Our only TD came from special teams.

You could sense the crowd at LP Field wanting to erupt, wanting to get excited, wanting something to go crazy and cheer about. It almost happened on the 4th and 2 TD pass to Randy Moss that was called back because of a phantom offensive pass interference call. That was a turning point for the game and this team. It could be a turning point for the season. Instead of going up seven, we are forced to punt and things continued to be mired in neutral for this offensive team.

Interestingly, the crowd wanted to get behind Randy Moss somehow. You could sense it. And yet, my big concern about him being a distraction seems to have been misguided. Or maybe it’s that someone else on the team has stepped up to take that place. Apparently, Vince Young hurt himself during the game and was pulled by Fisher. I get that. But then, Vince’s actions after the game and possibly during the game (not going to try and get back in) may have been the final straw for him here in Nashville. We thought he’d grown up a bit from his tantrums a few years ago, but he appears to have reverted and stepped back today.

A few weeks ago, I heard Rudy Kalis speak at my church and he was asked about Young and if he’d come into maturity. What Kalis said in response was interesting and I think we saw it played out today. He stated Young might have peaks and valleys to come and that we’d seen a peak. And that a valley could be coming for his maturity. Looks like we saw that today.

I just wonder if this will lead to Vince no longer being a Titan after this season is over.

And if any of this coaching staff will be held accountable. I know I said I was almost ready to climb on the Get Rid of Jeff Fisher bandwagon. Not sure if I’m on board yet, but I’m definitely on the Replace Chuck Cecil bandwagon.


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