>Vols 24, Vandy 10

>After two weeks of looking good on both sides of the ball, the Vols took a step or two backward last night. It’s just good that the team they took those steps backward against was Vanderbilt and not Kentucky next week. Vandy’s issues are numerous due to injuries, but they were able to keep the game far too close for comfort into the fourth quarter. The Vols had chances time and again to do some things and put them away, only to squander them.

Of course, it’s harder to win when you are playing against the other team and the officials. Worst officiating crew I’ve seen in a long, long time. Too many huddles to discuss penalties (either you know why you threw the flag or you don’t throw it). Also, a lot of home cooking for Vandy. Not that it did them much good, but it did help them hang around far too long for my liking and comfort.

For as brilliant as he looked against Memphis and Ole Miss, Tyler Bray looked a lot like a freshman last night after the first two touchdown drives. I hope he rebounds to the guy we saw last week when we take on the Wildcats next weekend.

Interestingly, seeing how Ole Miss hung with LSU made our dismantling of them the week before all the more impressive. Of course, I can’t see an LSU game without staring to cry and curse for the final call and the one extra play. That said, fire up the hot seat for Houston Nutt.

But, back to the UT game. Visiting Neyland Stadium West was nice in that it’s good to see a stadium that full of orange and to get to watch the Vols play. I did love how their jumbo-tron (which would be a large screen TV in some houses) would only show certain plays again. At least Neyland Stadium shows a greater majority of the plays on the replay–good and bad.

We played a less than stellar game and we won. If we win next week, we can extend our season with a bowl. I want to go to a bowl for the extra practice time this young team will get from it. It should be an interesting game next Saturday in God’s House.

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