>Houston 20, Titans 0

>Pondering yesterday’s loss to the Texans, a number of things struck me.

The first was whether this loss or the drubbing last year in New England is worse. I’m leaning toward this year’s being worse since it effectively ends our season and there’s little hope of any kind of change ahead to spark the team for the next five games. While both losses ended our season and playoff hopes, this year we won’t get Vince Young inserted as a spark.

In a lot of ways, you saw a team giving up on the season and it confirmed what I’d feared had occurred with Bud Adams siding with Vince after last week’s tantrum–Fisher has lost this team. This may be the straw that gets him sent packing. The winner there is the Evil Empire who I’m sure would love to have Jeff Fisher come coach in Dallas.

As I said last year when the Titans were mired in futility, the real losers here aren’t the team or the fans. It’s the charities that get donations for each field goal, sack or touchdown scored. They lost big-time yesterday and may continue to do so for the rest of the 2010 season.

With a possible lockout coming and the potential for no season in 2011, this is exactly the wrong way for the Titans to leave their fans to end the year.


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