>Book-A-Holic Frustration

>It’s that time of the month–the time I get to wrestle with frustration.

What’s frustrating me, you wonder.

My local library system. I have nothing against the library system I use. In fact, I’m one of their biggest fans. But every once in a while it frustrates me.

A lot of this stems from a monthly newsletter I receive in my in-box, detailing a half-dozen or so new science-fiction and fantasy novels that are coming into print. Invariably, there’s at least one I want to read and I’ll click on the helpful “reserve it” link in the newsletter only to find, more often than not, the book isn’t available at my library.

I then mutter to myself under my breath and become frustrated.

I’ve talked to the librarians about this on numerous occasions, asking if there’s some way they can get an advance copy of said newsletter and at least have the books on order. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And while I understand the library system doesn’t exist only to provide me with the materials I want to read, I still wish if they were going to advertise these new books, they’d at least get them.

And while I know one solution is to keep the newsletter and come back to it a few days or weeks later when the library may have ordered the books, I’m not sure this will work for me. As I learned in classes in school, an impulse buy on a book or magazine can happen within five seconds. These books are impulse books (unless it’s an author I regularly read) and often times, I may have forgotten about them days or weeks later. Part of that is entirely my fault, but you when you’re a book-a-holic, sometimes you just move on to a different book or books as your next impulse reserve.

Anyway, I figured since I’ve shared this frustration with friends, family and anyone else who would listen in the real world, this month I’d inflict my rant on the Internet.

I think I feel a bit better…..

But you’d better check on me in a month.


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