>Tennessee and the Tourney

>I’ve had a bit of time to ponder the Vols’ colossal collapse in today’s opening round of the NCAA tournament and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Is it better to have your teeth kicked in solidly for an entire half and lose by double digits as the Vols did or is better to have your heart ripped out at the buzzer like Vandy did yesterday.

I think in the long run, it’s easier to take being in the game but coming up short than what Tennessee put out on the floor today.

Make no mistake–the Vols gave up on today’s game. Once Michigan figured out only Tobias Harris was interested in being there and shut him down, it was over. The Vols just phoned it in and were an embarrassment all around.

Yes, I’m bitter…why do you ask?

If this is the last time we see Bruce Pearl on the sidelines as coach, it’s a terrible final memory. Of course, the game was a microcosm of our entire season. So good early with so much hope, only to see it all fade away the longer the game went along until finally, we’re left just shaking our heads and wondering what in the wide, wide world just happened.

It’s also a shame that our state with four teams in the Big Dance couldn’t get one team into the first weekend of the tournament. There was no way I’d pull for Memphis or Vandy, but I was hoping Belmont might make some noise. At least I can say their players looked like they gave a damn about being there. Unlike the guys in orange and white today…

At least the Lady Vols begin their journey through the women’s tournament tomorrow. I need something to wash this bitter taste out of my mouth and I think the Lady Vols could be just what the doctor ordered.


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