>The End of an Era

>It’s the end of an era for Volunteer basketball. Bruce Pearl has been terminated as head coach of the team.

Whether or not this will help our fate when the NCAA brings sanctions against the program remains to be seen.

I wish that Pearl had gone out on a higher note than he did. Bad enough that the NCAA cloud hangs over the program, bad enough we didn’t show up Friday afternoon to play in the opening round of the Big Dance and bad enough that the future of the program (which was once so bright) is now so unclear.

I’m not sure who we’ll get to replace Pearl, but I can’t think the coach will be of the same caliber. While Pearl built up the program to new heights, right now it’s not exactly a great job. Again, most of this was brought on the program by Pearl.

It was six great years under Pearl. And while right now all I can do is think about the negatives of this day, part of me is still reminded of the good times. Pearl painted up orange to support the Lady Vols. The team beating Memphis to earn the number one ranking in the country. Advancing to the Elite Eight last year and being just one shot from a potential Final Four. The sight of Pearl in that orange sport coat taking on Kentucky and Vandy.

All good memories.

I just wish that I’d had time to make a few more. And see the dream of seeing the Vols and Lady Vols cut down the nets to end the tournament in the same year.

Thanks for the memories, Bruce. I just wish you didn’t have to go out this way.


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