>The First of Spring

>Weather-wise the last couple of days have been what many refer to “chamber of commerce” days.

And while it’s a nice description, it isn’t exactly how the phrase I’d use. For me, it’d be more along the line of “man, we need to go to the park” type of weather days.

While a student at UT, these types of spring days were always met with the statement, “Man, it’s too nice a day not to head out to the park.” And then you’d gather up friends and make plans to head out to the park, along with blankets, chairs, footballs, frisbees, water and possibly food to relax and enjoy the warm spring air. Of course, for some odd reason, you’d think that you were the only person on campus, much less the entire city, that had this brilliant idea.

And then you’d be shocked by the fact that not only did traffic come to a virtual standstill about half a mile from said park, but that there were also a lot of other people in town who had this same idea.

And then I’d think, “If only I’d got the idea sooner.”

It’s been that kind of weather the past couple of days. And while my time at UT was spent trying to get out to the park to enjoy the warm weather, these days I find myself relishing the spring days and warmer weather for an entirely different reason. It’s kind of nice to enjoy a run outside in weather that’s warm enough to be comfortable. You will work up a nice sweat, but you’re not dripping and soaked like you will be come summer and you’re not debating how many layers you need to wear as you did in the winter. And the breeze that is blowing is enough to make you feel good and not tear through whatever layers you’re wearing as the cold winds of winter did.

And while some people may notice the trees blooming, the birds returning and the grass getting greener, these days I notice the coming of spring more by the number of people I see out exercising. It’s always interesting to see the uptick in those outside walking, running, cycling or doing something the first few days of spring. Of course, we have to enjoy it while we can. Because those blazingly warm days of summer are just around the corner and while we may get a few pleasant days in the fall like this, it’s just not quite the same as those first few magical warm days of spring.


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