>Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy

>Earlier this week, I took a moment to wish a happy birthday to one of the true icons of America television, William Shatner.

A few days later, it’s time to wish a happy birthday to his co-star and friend, Leonard Nimoy.

Nimoy is, of course, best known for playing William Bell on TV’s Fringe. No, seriously. He’s best known as the actor who played Spock on the original (and again I must say it, still the best) Star Trek.

Of all those associated with classic Star Trek, it was Nimoy who took the biggest risks as an actor and for his career. Again, reading all the kiss and tell books on the subject of Star Trek and the behind-the-scenes, stuff I admire Nimoy for his passion for the character of Spock. Nimoy’s battles for what he saw as the integrity of the character (especially in season three, which I reviewed all last summer) are compelling and interesting. Had it not been for the dedication to the character and his craft, I don’t think Spock would have been nearly as memorable or that classic Trek would be as successful and long-running as it has been.

And it’s been interesting to see how Nimoy stretched as an artist. He’s a solid director, giving us Star Trek III and Star Trek IV as well as Three Men and a Baby. And he’s had a nice late resurgence thanks to his work in the latest Trek film and his recurring role on Fringe. (If you’re not watching Fringe, you should be!). He’s retired now and I wish him all the best. Thank you for the commitment to Spock and for giving us one of the best characters in all of pop culture.


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