>30 Day of Doctor Who: Favorite Companion

>Picking a favorite companion on Doctor Who is almost worse than picking a favorite Doctor, if only because there are nearly twice as many people who’ve traveled in the TARDIS with the good Doctor over the years.

And many of you who know may be may think I’d pick Peri as my favorite companion. And while I like certain aspects of Peri (and Nicola Bryant)*, I’d have to say that Peri isn’t my favorite companion.

That honor goes to Ace.

She traveled with my favorite Doctor and was part of what I considered a renaissance for the show in its later years. As a character Ace had a story arc and as a female companion, more was asked of her than to just scream at the various monsters and to get into trouble. Her famous nitro nine was just one aspect of this.

Ace doesn’t quite fit the mold of a companion, but that may be why I like her. Whatever the reasons, she’s my favorite companion.

* (If you want to find the aspects of Nicola Bryant that really appealed to me as a young fan (and even today for that matter) just do a Google search for Peri bikini “Planet of Fire.” That should explain it all…)


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