>30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite Foreign Episode

>During the 80s, producer John Nathan Turner was great at coming up with ideas to promote Doctor Who. One of his ideas was to take the show on location to other countries and shoot parts of various stories.

Good idea, but the results are a bit mixed. The original idea of taking “The Two Doctors” to American and New Orleans to film had to be punted when some of the American financing fell through. And the use of Amsterdam for some of the Earth-bound segments of “Arc of Infinity” seemed like a good idea on paper (and possibly to JNT for a company-paid-for vacation), it didn’t quite translate as well in the finished product.

It’d be tempting to say the recently aired two-part opening to series six was my favorite, if only for the sweeping shots of Utah’s Monument Valley. (I’ve got to visit someday just to see the vistas where Doctor Who filmed as well as some of my favorite movies of all time, especially The Searchers).

And while “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon” are still fresh, they aren’t instant classics in my mind. But the visual work done on the location shooting is enough for me to put name them as my favorite “foreign” story, for now.

I will admit “Planet of Fire” was in the running for a bit, but the scenes filmed at the volcano amount to little more than standard “let’s create an alien world in a quarry” filming for the UK-filmed stories.


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