>30 Day of Doctor Who: Least Favorite Writers

>Just as yesterday’s category generated an instant response, so does today’s category. Who are my least favorite writers in Doctor Who history?

If you notice the plural and you’re a classic series fan you can probably guess what’s coming.

It would have to be Pip and Jane Baker. The writing team contributed three and a half scripts to the classic series run and most of them are better forgotten. Part of it could be that they wrote during a time when the behind-the-scenes events of the show were almost more interesting than what we saw on screen.

And maybe if they’d stopped writing with “Terror of the Vervoids” and part two of “The Ultimate Foe,” I might have been more willing to forgive and forget. But then we got “Time and the Rani,” a story that fails on just about every level. It’s not my least favorite story, but it’s definitely bottom five and one of the least auspicious debuts for a new Doctor ever written. How much of this is the Bakers’ fault, I’m not sure…but their name is on it so I give them a large part of the blame.


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