>30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite Director & Least Favorite Director

>Combining two days into one post, simply because I may not have as much to say about the directors category as I do about others.

A lot of times, when I debate the merits of Doctor Who stories, a lot of my focus is on who wrote it the story and which producer and/or script editor was behind the scenes. But it’s not often that I consider who directed the story. This is partially a bias I have towards writers, but I think it also speaks to the level of direction that the series had for years. The directors had a huge burden, especially in the classic era, of bringing the story to life on-screen, all within the rather limited budget Doctor Who had. The series has wobbly sets and I’m sure the effects were limiting in their way.

And while we’re quick to credit the actors, writers and producers for the show’s long success, the directors have to be part of it as well.

When it comes to a favorite director, my first impulse is to say Alan Wareing. He directed three stories during the seventh Doctor’s era and all three were visually feasts. The strongest (for me) is “Greatest Show in the Galaxy” which benefited from having to film in tents in the BBC parking lot due to an asbestos scare because the story was set at the circus. But beyond that, there are some nicely done camera angles and shots that help make this one of the more atmospheric and unnerving stories of its era. And that’s all before you add in “Ghost Light” to the mix…

As for my least favorite director, I’m not really sure I have one. For some reason, there’s not really a director for the show that garners the lack of enthusiasm I get for certain writers and producers.


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