>30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite Audio

>I’ll have to admit I’m not up to date on all the audio releases out there under the Doctor Who banner. That’s because there are simply so many coming out that I’m not sure I have time to listen to them all and do other silly things like earn a living, sleep, eat and watch new episodes of Doctor Who.

I’ve listened to a few over the years. Admittedly, they’re hit or miss and not something I generally revisit like I do the television stories.

But they can still be an interesting diversion while exercising, working around the house or during a road trip.

In fact, my favorite audio comes from a road trip I took years ago. A good friend loaned me her collection of the first “season” of stories with the eight Doctor, Paul McGann to help pass the time. The first couple were good, but it was when I hit “The Chimes of Midnight” that things really kicked up a notch. The story felt like a Doctor Who story, one that clearly understood how to work within the strengths and limitations of the audio story but that could easily have translated into a story for the show should it ever come back.

The story was compelling, interesting and it held my interest for its entire run time.

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