>30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite Music

>When I first discovered Doctor Who many, many years ago, I stumbled across a record at my local library called Doctor Who: The Music. I quickly checked it out, took it home and began listening to it over and over again. I dubbed it off onto cassette and probably wore the poor thing out of the years.

The interesting thing was that I’d seen very little Doctor Who at this point, so this collection of music from the last Tom Baker season and the first Peter Davison season was all fresh to me. I recall envisioning sequences in my head in which the music might be used and then being pleasantly surprised when I finally saw the stories and heard how the music off the record was incorporated into the stories.

Eventually, the album was released onto CD with some other musical tracks and it’s part of my collection today.

I have fond memories of that album and the incidental music on it. But it’s only one snapshot of the overall musical legacy of Doctor Who. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the solid work done by Dudley Simpson for years on the show. And while I like most of it, there’s one particular soundtrack that really stands out in my mind.

It’s the score to “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.” One sign of a good soundtrack is one that gets stuck in your head. “Greatest Show”‘s does just that. It also sets the mood for the planet Segonax and the Pyschic Circus extremely well. It’s light and airy when it needs to me, dark and imposing when it needs to be. It’s one I’ve got the full score on CD and I enjoy listening to from time to time if I want to get it stuck in my head or tempt me to dust off the VHS copy of it and give it another viewing.*

*It should have been on DVD before now, but that’s just me. Hopefully when it does come out, it will a great special edition worthy of the long wait.


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