The Capaldi Era Begins August 23rd!

The Peter Capaldi era of Doctor Who officially kicks-0ff on Saturday, August 23 and I am pretty excited about it.

The BBC confirmed the news today and released a new photo of Capaldi looking very Pertwee-esque and cranky!   Please, please let the new Doctor be cranky and less of a sex symbol than others of the modern Who era.  (David Tennant).capaldi

Seeing the photo and watching the brief promo from BBC America makes me want to dust off some old Pertwee episodes and view them this weekend.

I can’t wait for the Capaldi era to begin (I haven’t been looking forward to a new season of Who this much since the second season of the Matt Smith era) and I only hope that it can live up to my expectations.

I know what I’ll be doing Saturday evening, August 23!   I wonder if  I can set the DVR now….


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