TV Round-Up: 24: Live Another Day

x24-live-another-day-poster.jpg.pagespeed.ic.F9cSXAwH1UWarning: This contains SPOILERs for the first nine episodes of season nine of 24 (also known as 24: Live Another Day).  If you’re not caught up completely, don’t read this until you are.

Back in the day, I used to review 24 episode by episode and I’d fully intended to do that when the show returned this time around.  But life sometimes happens and here we are nine weeks into the new run and I’ve yet to post any thoughts about the current day.   But after watching this week’s installment, I felt compelled to take up my old 24 reviewing mantle and post a few thoughts

I have to admit that it was announced that the show would come back and that we’d only get half of the day shown to us, I was intrigued. I felt like the potential to jump forward or skip an hour or two here and there might alleviate some of the treading water moments that previous seasons suffered from.  It might also allow us to transition from one threat to another with a bit more ease than we’re normally used to seeing.

And, so far, I’ve been on board with how this season was going.   In fact, a few weeks ago I felt like the show gave us the Jack Bauer-iest episode ever with Jack torturing a subject for information and then escaping targeted missiles fired by a drone.   It was everything that makes Jack Bauer the superhero that he is all in one hour of storytelling.  Oh and they blew up a hospital as well.

Then we’ve got the last few weeks…specifically the storyline with President Heller surrendering himself to Margo Al Harazi in order to stop the drone attacks.

I have to admit that when Heller brought Jack and Mark into the loop on his plan, I was intrigued to see if the show would go through with it.  And as last week’s hour unfolded, we saw that (apparently) they were going to follow through with it, up to and including Heller sacrificing himself to stop the drone attacks and getting a more noble death than by succumbing to Alzheimer’s.    Yet as the hour closed last week, we didn’t get a silent final few ticks of the clock (as we have with other deaths of our heroes on the show) and I began to suspect the show might have something up its sleeve.

But surely they wouldn’t pull a bait and switch on Margo and the audience?

Oh, but they would and did, with it revealed this week that Jack and Chloe were able to trick Margo into thinking Heller was dead.

And I can’t help but feel like the show went right up the abyss and somehow pumped the brakes a bit.  I suppose that Jack still has his pardon and I guess it will be interesting to have Heller around when the poop hits the fan with the Russians  (you can’t dangle the forged signature by Mark on the extradition order and not have that come back into play, especially since the show went out of its way to show us the order and the forged signature again as the quad-box screen came up to end the latest hour).   I can’t help but feel that the writers somehow realized we had to have Heller around to see Mark get what’s coming to him (and let’s face it, he’s going to lose a lot when this news comes to light).  I’m officially less intrigued by this storyline than I once was, but still feel like Mark will face the wrath of Heller and Audrey when these events come to light.  Add in that he didn’t pull a Bauer and find a way to get Heller out of his apparent death and I can see Audrey back with Jack by season’s end.

Or maybe not.

Mayhaps this will be the final mission for Jack as he sacrifices himself to save Heller and Audrey.

Meanwhile, we’ve got the CIA standing in for CTU with all kinds of crazy shenanigans.   Navarro is actually the bad guy, framing Kate’s husband and giving secrets to Chloe’s new boyfriend*.  Now that Navarro is out as the bad guy, I fully expect his every betrayal to come to light.  I also expect somehow Chloe is going to be betrayed as well and have to have Jack come pull her fat out of the fire.

*Worst reveal EVER!

Honestly, I was fully on board with this day until the latest hour.  Far too many of the typical 24 developments all crammed into an hour and ones that left me scratching my head a bit.

It may not ruin the entire day for me, but it’s put a bit of a taint on what, until now, has been a very enjoyable run of the show for me.  I hope the show can prove me wrong and wrap things up well or in a satisfying way.


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